Certified Audits

Level 2 = Internal Audits (Certified): Set up an account as www.ChartSafe.net, read the instructions, receive personal coaching tips on how to properly use the system, and begin using ChartSafe immediately to perform audits within your company. 

 PT Compliance Group (PTCG) will review at least 10% (more if you choose) of the audits performed by your staff/auditors per quarter, to provide them with a level of accountability, provide coaching when needed, and to give you confidence your audits are being completed effectively. This ongoing level of review provides you with ChartSafe™ Certified audits.

  • By providing consistent reviews we help your team become more efficient and more confident with documentation, as a result the overall documentation and compliance improves.
  • The more confident providers become with documentation the better they understand how to bill for everything they are doing.

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 Level 3 = Outsourced Audits (Certified): PTCG actually completes all of the audits for your practice, every quarter, for every treating therapist.

  • By out-sourcing the audits to PTCG, you receive the best coaching from the experts that will assist your team in becoming more confident and efficient and with documentation. When compared with doing internal audits yourself, you will see faster improvements without the drain to your staff’s productivity.

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