Getting Started with ChartSafe®

Use these step by step instructions to easily get started with ChartSafe®:

1. Register for Site (if you don't have one)

Why do I need to Register

  • Registering secures your unique Login Name and establishes your identity. This provides you access to the many components of ChartSafe
  • Everyone who wants to access "Company", "Cart", and "ChartAudit" tabs at the top of the website will need to register (these tabs are only accessible when you are logged in)

To Register for Site

  • We will ask you to create a username and password and to confirm your email address
  • By confirming your email address, you ensure that we will be able to connect with you should this be required and you also help us prevent bots from setting up fake accounts

2. Create a Company (need to Register first)

Why do I need a Company

  • A Company establishes your business presence and allows you to set up additional users in your Company for whom you can perform Chart Audits and view reports on
    • If a manager already set up a company, you will not need to create a new one, you can "join" the existing company - see section further down on "Joining an Existing Company"

To create a Company

  • We will ask you to approve an End User License Agreement (EULA)
  • We will ask you to provide a company name and connect it to a valid username (this was created when you Registered for the Site) who will function as the company administrator
  • By connecting a registered username to the company, you are establishing the company administrator on ChartSafe. The administrator has the ability to manage who attains access to all the facets of ChartSafe. Typically, if you are setting up the company, you will also be the company administrator
  • After you create your company, you will have additional instructions allowing you to set up company users, locations, and regions. Please provide as much information as you can as it will come in valuable as you perform your Chart Audits and review the results.

3. Select License from Catalog

Why do I need a License

  • You will need a Company License and a ChartAudit license for each audit you will perform
  • Note: Level 3 license holders do not need to purchase ChartAudit licenses as we will perform the audits for them - see license descriptions for more information

What can I expect

  • You will need to select the type of company license you desire.
  • If you are using Level 1 or Level 2 license, you will need to also select the number of ChartAudit licenses you want
  • Further information about your licensing options can be found at the top of the catalog

4. Purchase Your License (need to Register first)

Why do I need a License

  • You will need a Company License and (for Level 1 and Level 2) a ChartAudit license for each audit you will perform

What can I expect

  • Inside the cart, you can view your items in cart, items pending, and items purchased using the dropdown "Filter"
    • If a licenses needs a company association assigned, you will see an "Attach Company" option on the license row - please do this
    • If a license needs a user association assigned, you will see an "Attach User" option on the license row - please do this
  • On "Items in Cart" view, you will have the option to pay for the items using PayPal
  • After you have processed payment on PayPal, you will be returned to ChartSafe and, once payment has cleared from PayPal, you can return to the link above (under the "Items Purchased") to see confirmation of your licenses

5. Create a ChartAudit (need to Register first)

What is ChartAudit

  • ChartAudit allows you to audit the therapists under your company.

What can I expect

  • You will be prompted to select the Company, Location (optional), and Therapist being Audited on this ChartAudit
    • In the event you are out of ChartAudit licenses, you will be informed of this when you try to "Save and Start Audit"
    • To purchase more simply return to the Catalog, add the number of licenses you desire to your cart, and pay for these licenses using PayPal
  • After the setup is completed, you will be walked through a series of questions which will be recorded and scored for you to review

6. Review Your Results (need to Register first)

What are the Results

  • Using the scores from your ChartAudit, the results will be presented to you for analysis using charts and reports

What can I expect

  • You will have the ability to perform analysis in a number of ways, reviewing where you are doing well and where you need improvement
  • You will also be able to view your results by particular location/region and even by manager (assuming these have been setup in the Company module)

Alternative: Join an Existing Company (need to Register first)

When Would I Do This

  • In the event a manager has already established the company in ChartSafe and set up your company user, you have the option of linking your registered login username to this company user
  • This association allows you to see all the reports that this company user has access to

What can I expect

  • Clicking on the title link will take you to "Your Company Connections".
  • On this page you will see "Companies where You are a Member"
    • In the event this section is empty, please contact your manager and ask them to associate your registered login name with the company user they have set up for you
  • Click the "Edit" link next to the company to which you want to associate
  • On the resulting "Update Company User" page, change "User Status" from "Inactive" to "Enabled" and press "Save"