Compliance in a Box®: HIPAA Plan

Our Compliance in a Box®: HIPAA Plan offers a simple solution to integrating HIPAA compliance planning and protection. This solution will assist you in integrating HIPAA compliance into your culture.

The HIPAA Plan provides you with an outline to initiate a HIPAA compliance program within your practice, which PTCG customizes for your practice. Each HIPAA Plan provides your practice with numerous HIPAA compliance related templates for you to implement along with corresponding policies and procedures and identifies many recognized compliance risks. 

Since the HIPAA Omnibus Rule went in effect in 2013, OCR and the courts have been interpreting and enforcing the HIPAA Rules. PTCG and our health law attorneys review and update our Compliance in a Box®:HIPAA Plan  to provide you with a "new and improved" plan designed to help you with your HIPAA compliance implementation.

Needless to say, our Annual revisions and updates take many hours and consultation fees, which would cost a practice several thousand dollars.

Why purchase the Compliance in a Box®: HIPAA Plan?

  • HIPAA is Mandated Compliance Requirement for Covered Entities
  • Provides a complete HIPAA Procedure manual with an understandable explanation of all things HIPAA for you and your staff.
  • Contains a HIPAA "Quiz" for your staff so you can make sure everyone knows what they need to know. This is an excellent resource to use for new employee orientations, and ongoing training related to HIPAA.

What is in the HIPAA Plan?

  • Policies and procedures addressing HIPAA Privacy, HIPAA Security and Breach Notification;
  • Specific policies outlining how to respond to record requests for Minors, Workers' Compensation and Disability Carriers, Social Media and Protected Information, Responding to Subpoenas, PHI/ePHI Request to Addend, Individual Requests for PHI (Form and Format)
  • Numerous Appendices containing templates and spreadsheets designed to assist you with integrating and tracking HIPAA compliance;
    • Individual Acknowledgement to request communication via text message or email;
    • Breach Notification tracking, Individual Notification letter;
    • Attestation of returned PHI/ePHI impermissibly released;
    • Notice of Privacy Practices and Acknowledgement form; and
    • Release of Information Authorization Request.