Training & Resources Subscription

The PT Compliance Group training and resources subscription will provide you with everything you need to be confidently compliant.  Our training and subscription service will provide a growing library of materials that will immediately help you improve your practice.  We will provide you with documents and materials to understand compliance, new hire webinar trainings, a fifty percent discount on all previously recorded webinars, and provide you with any updates should be aware of with changes as they happen.  Here is a complete breakout of everything you will receive:

Subscription Benefits   Non-Members   Members
Limited Access to the Website   Check    
Access to Compliance Documents       Check
Access to Useful Links, Frequently Asked Questions & Answers       Check
Receive a 50% discount on all previously recorded webinars       Check
New Hire recorded webinar training for Compliance, HIPAA updates, and Charges & Billing       Check
Receive our client e-mail newsletters & e-mails       Check
2013 Subscription Price    Free   $297