"With PT Compliance Group and ChartSafe, our documentation and assessments are much more
thorough so if we were to ever go through an audit, we would definitely do well."
- Dr. V. Norene Christensen
Four Pines Physical Therapy

"I am of the mindset to bring people onto my team that can help me be the best.
I feel this product has allowed me to have a freedom in the area of compliance."
- Kathy Blair
Wind City Physical Therapy

"We have been utilizing the services of PT Compliance Group since 2011. Their ChartSafe auditing service has been an extraordinarily valuable tool to assist us in continually monitoring and improving our documentation. They are our 'go-to' company for all of our documentation and compliance issues and questions."
- Heidi Bender
MRS Physical Therapy

"With the use of ChartSafe, we have seen a significant improvement in the quality of our documentation, increased ability to support our patient care services, and a better understanding of where our strengths and weaknesses lie, both as a company collectively and individually. We have found ChartSafe to be very thorough and properly focused. It has helped us improve our overall auditing process and allowed us to maintain our desired level of compliance within a reasonable price point.
We wouldn't think of practicing without it."
- Lisa A. Kemp
Advantage Physical Therapy

"Our work with PT Compliance Group and ChartSafe aimed to reduce our risk factors with regards to documentation and general compliance issues. We are very happy with the team's knowledge and professionalism. They have helped our staff develop a true understanding and comfort level.
They are always available for questions and consultations and they have exceeded our expectations. 
We would recommend PT Compliance Group and ChartSafe to any organization that puts a high priority on compliance."
- Jim Myers and Chris Schroeder
Physical Therapy Works