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Effective Provision of Skilled Maintenance Therapy

Effective Provision of Skilled Maintenance Therapy

Maintenance Therapy webinar has been updated based on more recent court rulings. Therapists are all aware of the JIMMO vs. Sebelius ruling that debunked the “improvement standard” for therapy services and provided for skilled maintenance therapy. Confusion, however, reigns among therapists on what is covered, how to provide skilled maintenance services, how long can it be used and how to document to support the services.

Unfortunately, medical review for compliance with billing as well as documentation requirements is an ever-growing concern for health care providers.  A key element of medical review of maintenance therapy is establishing not only medical necessity but that the specialized skills, judgement and knowledge of a therapist were needed to provide the services.   Skilled maintenance therapy can be an effective tool to support our patient’s ability to achieve and maintain their highest level of function.  It is therefore essential that we understand the regulations surrounding skilled maintenance therapy, how to effectively provide these services to improve our patient care, and how to document these services to insure appropriate care for our patients and reimbursement for our services.

Attendees of the webinar will learn:

  • The Medicare regulations that distinguish policies for restorative and maintenance therapy under Medicare Parts A and B
  • How to identify criteria for medical necessity for skilled services in provision of a maintenance program
  • How to clinically determine the need for skilled maintenance
  • How to document clinical reasoning and medical necessity to support skilled maintenance
  • How to effectively provide a skilled maintenance program in different settings

Webinar Start Time

Sorry, the webinar occurred in the past. Check below for the recording of this webinar. Please also visit our Webinars and Seminars page to see other upcoming events.





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